2017 Will Be The Year I Listen to My Body


It’s that time of year again. We are into the last days of 2016 which means that in addition to people lamenting what a dumpster fire this year has been there is now also talk of juice cleanses and detox diets. There is talk of ridding one’s home of any last Christmas confection as if it were a poltergeist that has to be banished by the high priests of the church of the gluten and sugar free. There is also talk of getting “healthy” which is generally coded language for trying to lose weight as quickly as possible. At the very least, there will be people trying to convince you that kale makes a totally filling and tasty breakfast – don’t believe their lies. 

This year I decided I’m going to try a little something different. I’m just going to listen to, and respect, my body. The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve found my body not just telling me but basically screaming at me when I do things it doesn’t like. In the past this has included major sugar crashes after thinking I could start my day off with a magic cookie bar and a peppermint mocha. Most recently I thought I would “treat” myself to some chicken nuggets and a cheeseburger for dinner only to spend the rest of my work shift feeling extremely nauseous and getting a bad headache. It’s clear that my body has been talking to me, I just haven’t been listening.

So I’m going to take things slow. I’m going to keep eating more veggies and fruits because sadly, that’s what my body seems to want. I’m going to move a bit more because that also makes me feel good. I’m still a bit shocked that it’s taken me years to learn this but it’s also a welcome reprieve from the years of being told that I should starve myself and spend countless hours in the gym just because the clock strikes January 1st. How refreshing that I can finally start doing what feels right for me and respecting my own personal needs.

For some more ideas on body positive new year’s resolutions, check out this post from BodyPosiPanda.

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